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Puumala archipelago route – experience the Saimaa archipelago by bike

Puumala archipelago route is a popular 60km cycling route around Saimaa

archipelago. You will be meet at Hurissalo shop the local GuideTiina, who

provides you the bikes for the trip and all the instructions needed. In the

beginning of the route the Norppa-ferry takes you to Lintusalo island. On the

way there are several places where to stop for a coffee or for a meal. There is

even a winery on the way. Puumala village is a lively small village as well on the

way. In the end of the day you will arrive to a cultural historical Pienniemi-farm

next to Lake Saimaa. Here you can feel the true spirit of the nature. GuideTiina

will serve you an evening snack at the farm and you will get a good night sleep

after the Finnish sauna either at old croft or at the cottage. After breakfast you

have some 10 km left to cycle back to Hurissalo.

(Click the image to get a PDF brochure)

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